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       Kan's Sushi & Steakhouse
Special Rolls-Raw

1. Nemo---12.00  
    (spicy tuna. Over: Salmon. Spicy mayo)

2. Watch ur butt--12.00  
    (Inside: Fried tuna. Over: Smoked salmon. Spicy mayo)

3. Yuki--11.00​  
    (Inside: Snow crab. Over: Escolar. Honey wasabi mayo)

C. Rainbow--11.00  
    (Inside: California roll. Over: 5 kinds of fish)

5. Gemini--12.95  
    (Inside: Spicy tuna & Snowcrab. Over: Tuna, escolar, cilantro, tomato, Ponzu , onion lemon mayo and honey wasabi mayo)

6. Tiger--12.95  
    (Inside: Tuna & Salmon. Over: Tuna, salmon, BBQ eel & Crunch. Masago & Eel sauce)

7. King Arthur--12.95  
    (Inside: Super White tuna & creamcheese. Over: Escolar , avocado, and cucumber, spicy ponzu sauce.)

8. Amber Bag—12.95  
    (Inside: Spicy Crawfish cream cheese & jalapeno. Over: pepper salmon. Sp mayo)

9. Orange Dragon---11.00  
     (Inside: Spicy tuna. Over: salmon & avocado)

10. Shrek---12.95  
      (Inside: Spicy crawfish & spicy tuna. Over:soypaper, spicy scallop, wasabi tobiko, wasabi mayo)

11. Gentleman Paul---12.95  
      (Inside: Tuna, salmon, escolar, seabass, red snapper. Over: as same as inside. Ponzu sauce)

12. Mrs.Mary--12.95  
       (No seaweed. Inside tuna, salmon and escolar. Over: fresh salmon. Top with spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy super white and snow crab. Crunch, eel sauce and spicy mayo)

1A. Beautiful Shantele---12.95  
       (Inside: fresh salmon. Over: Fresh tuna & BBQ eel. Crunch & eel sauce)

1B. Hero Smith---12.95  
      (Inside: flavored cucumber & Salmon. Over BBQ eel. Eel sauce)

15. Lovely Corley---12.00  
      (Inside: Fresh tuna, creamcheese. Over: Fresh salmon, jalapeno. Eel sauce)

16. Mr F.A---12.95  
      (Inside: Fresh tuna, seabass. Over: Fresh tuna, salmon, red snapper. Alaska soy & Ponzu)

17.Red Dragon---11.00  
     (Inside: Spicy salmon. Over: tuna & avocado)

18. Lucky Guilda---12.95  
      (Inside: Shrimp tempura. Over: Spicy tuna & snow crab. Eel sauce & Spicy mayo)

19. Butter fly---12.95  
      (Inside: 3 kinds of tobiko, spicy tuna & snow crab. Over soypaper. Spicy mayo & eel sauce)

20. Diego---12.95  
       (Inside: spicy escolar, spicy hamachi, jalapeno. Over: chopped spicy scallop, kani, ebi. Eel sauce)

21. Derek---12.95   
       (Inside: Shrimp tempura, creamcheese, avocado. Over: smoked salmon, shrimp, avocado. Eel sauce)

22. Steak---12.95  
       (Inside: Tuna, salmon & bonito. Over: Thinly sliced raw steak. Garlic olive oil & ponzu sauce)

23. Happy Barbara & Thad---12.95  
       (Inside: fresh salmon & yellowtail. Over fresh tuna & chopped scallop, spicy mayo, honey wasabi mayo, onion lemon mayo)

24. KB---12.95  
       (Inside: Pepper tuna & spicy yellowtail. Over: tuna, salmon, yellowtail. Chopped cilantro, tomato, cucumber, avocaodo, ponzu sauce & chili oil.

25. Ocean Queen--12.95  
       (Inside: Fresh tuna, cream cheese,spicy sauce cilantro, avocado. Over: Pepper tuna, thin sliced jalapeno, chili oil and ponzu sauce.)

26. Devon--12.95  
       (Inside: Wild king salmon, fresh mango, avocado. Over: Ocean trout, smoked salmon. Mango paste and spicy mayo with tobiko.)

27. Only you--12.95  
       (Inside: Spicy crawfish and pepper tuna. Over: Super white tuna and spicy chopped scallop. Mango paste, onion lelmon mayo, eel sauce.)

28.The Kirsten--12.95  
      (Inside: tuna, salmon, escolar. Yellow soypapper. Over: pink soy paper, Spicy tuna, spicy salmon, snow crab, eel sauce, spicy sauce, chili powder.) 

29. Kan Special---12.95  
       (Inside: Spicy kani & Spicy tuna. Over Spicy salmon & Spicy tuna. Chili powder & avocado, cucumber, ponzu sauce.)

Special Rolls-Cooked

1. Hotmama(Deep fried)—12.95  
    (Inside: Softshell crab, creamcheese, kani. Over: Soypaper. Sp salmon, eel sauce, sp mayo, masago)

2. Bigpapa(Deep fried)—12.95  
     (Inside: Ribeye beef, creamcheese, avocado,jalapeno. Over: Soypaper. Sp tuna, eel sauce, sp mayo)

3. Rocky—12.00  
     (Inside: Snowcrab, cucumber, avocado, shrimp tempura. Over: Marblepaper. Eel sauce)

4. Caterpillar—11.00  
     (Inside: BBQ eel, cucumber. Over: Avocado. Eel sauce)

5. Sky Diver—12.95  
     (Inside: Softshell crab & Cucumber. Over: BBQ eel & Avocado. Eel sauce & Japanese mayo, Masago)

6. New york---11.00  
    (Inside: Shrimp tempura, cucumber. Over: Kani. Japanese mayo, chili sauce & Powder)

7. Shaggy Dog—11.00 
    (Inside: Shrimp tempura, cucumber. Over: Kani. Spicy mayo, Japanese mayo, Eel sauce)

    (Inside: Shrimp tempura, avocado, Kani. Over: Crunch. Eel sauce)

9. Scorpion—12.95  
     (Inside: Jalapeno, creamcheese, shrimp tempura. Over :kani & Avocado. Chili sauce)

10.Tornado(Deep fried)—12.95  
     (Inside: Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado. Over: Soypaper & Seaweed. patoto strings. Eel sauce)

     (Inside: Shrimp tempura & Fired chicken. Over: Kani & avocado. Eel sauce, crunch, masago)

12. Monster---11.95  
      (half raw half cooked)(Inside: Shrimp tempura. Over: Fresh tuna & spicy crab meat)

13. Volcano(Baked)---10.00  
      (Inside: California roll. Over: Spicy Crawfish, crunch, eel sauce & spicy mayo)

14.MT. FUJI(Baked)---8.00  
      (Inside: Philly roll. Over: Spicy mayo, eel sauce, crunch)

     (Inside: shrimp tempura, creamcheese, jalapeno. Over: crunch, spicy salmon. Eel sauce, spicy mayo)

16. Niko tsang---12.95 
      (Inside: Softshell crab, shrimp tempura. Over: Snow crab, orange tobiko. Eel sauce & spicy mayo.)

17.Hibachi Maki---12.95 
     (Inside: Hibachi chicken, shrimp, steak & fried rice. Over: soypaper. Teriyaki sauce)

18. Oscar star---12.95  
       (Inside: Fried oyster, yamagobo & jalapeno. Over: pepper tuna, pepper salmon. Ponzu sauce, chili oil.)

19.Cooked Sakura(Fried)---12.95 
     (Inside: Tuna, Smoked salmon, white fish & avocado. Over: pink soypaper. Eel & spicy sauce)

20. 7 & half(Fried)---11.00 
       (Inside: White tuna, salmon, red snapper, cucumber. Over: seaweed. Eel sauce, spicy mayo.)

21.Wild Irishman(Fried)---10.00 
     (Inside: Tuna, salmon, white fish, jalapeno, creamcheese. Over: green soypaper. Eel sauce, spicy mayo, wasabi mayo)

22. Koi Koi---12.95 
       (Inside: Spicy shrimp & kani. Over: Spicy crawfish, crunch, eel sauce & spicy sauce.)

23. Pink lady---12.95 
       (Inside: Spicy chopped scallop, avocado. Pink soybean paper. Over: spicy tuna. Spicy mayo & spicy sweet sour sauce)

24. Sunny Sandy—12.95 
       (Inside: Softshell crab & BBQ eel. Over yellow soybean paper. Eel sauce.)

25. Leslie’s wonderful world--12.95 
       (Inside Spicy salmon and shrimp tempura. Over snow crab and spicy super white tuna. Crunch, red tobiko and yellow tobiko, eel sauce and spicy mayo)

26. Tina’s sports family--12.95 
       (Inside Shrimp tempura and chicken tempura. Over crab stick and snow crab. spicy mayo, eel sauce, japanese mayo, chili powder and chili sauce.)

27. Mattman--12.95 
      (Inside shrimp tampura and crab stick. Over king crab leg meat, eel sauce)

28. Run at 5--12.95 
       (Inside Tempura escolar and tempura salmon. Over spicy yellowtail, thin sliced jalapeno, chili sauce, eel sauce and tobiko.)

29. Español gloria--12.95 
      (Inside Tempura tuna, jalapeno and avocado. Over black pepper tuna, spicy sweet sour sauce, spicy mayo, chili pepper and red tobiko.)
30. Love u all--18.88(Inside: Stir fry lobster and snow crab. Over crunch, spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy yellowtail and spicy escolar. Spicy mayo, kiwi paste, mango paste, eel sauce and tobiko)

Special Rolls